White Tailed Sea Eagles on the North York Moors

White Tailed Sea Eagles on the North York Moors

11th May 2020

Following their reintroduction as part of a project on the Isle of Wight, two sea eagles have now been roosting on the North York Moors. 

These beautiful eagles were wiped out of England in 1780.  The Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation released a group on the Isle of Wight last August. Although they have stayed close to home over the winter, the young birds are now on the move and exploring far and wide.  Although the birds have trackers, the Foundation also has an online reporting form on their website to let them know when and where you saw one of these magnificent birds of prey. (Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation)

Our white tailed sea eagle was photographed by Mark in Norway - this one is also a juvenile but the adults can reach up to 2.5m in wingspan.

Distinctive features include:

  • The white-tailed eagle has broader wings than the Golden Eagle
  • Adults have a white, wedge-shaped tail
  • They have a pale head with a yellow bill.