A little bit about our Little Owl...

A little bit about our Little Owl...

This particular little owl was photographed by Mark here in Yorkshire - peeking out at him from his hideout.

With stern features and a distinctive shaped head, the little owl lives up to its name as the smallest owl in England. It is only 20cm in height and has a short tail. The little owl has piercing yellow eyes and is coloured mottled brown and cream across its body and head.

The little owl was introduced here in the 19th century and is mainly found in England and Wales, and a few parts of southern Scotland. 

As with our little owl, you can usually spot them during the day - perching on a tree branch, telegraph pole or rock (early morning or dusk is best).  Here in the Yorkshire Dales they are commonly seen sitting on top of one our dry stone walls. Listen for their strange mewing call or the male’s ‘hoo-eet’ song on summer evenings.

It will bob its head up and down when alarmed. In flight it has long, rounded wings, rapid wingbeats and flies with a slight undulation.

The little owl makes its home in small copses, on parkland, around farms and in orchards and open woodland - no wonder we are so lucky to see them so often where we live in the Yorkshire Dales.

As you will see from our website, we love owls - including these cross looking little owls.