Rare Breed Sheepskin Pouffe - Mocha


Made from natural un-dyed rare breed sheepskins  which are tanned in the South West of England. Each pouffe is completely individual - this one has a darker shade of mocha against a lovely creamy caramel colour, and is fairly thick.

Perfect as a footstool or around a low coffee table, these pouffes are super soft and tactile, and add such a warm and cosy feeling to any room in the house. 

The filling is made from off-cuts of sheepskin rugs rather than beads, which gives a firm structure to the pouffe. The base is a heavy calico material, zipped for access into the filling.

All of our rare breed sheepskin pouffes are individual so you will receive the exact same pouffe as featured here. 

Average Size : 46cm diameter x 28cm high