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Seddon and Davison

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Cream LED candles at Seddon and Davison
Cream LED Candles Sale priceFrom £11.25
Sand LED Candles
Sand LED Candles Sale priceFrom £12.75
Hare Card Sale price£2.50
Salvie Green LED candles
Salvie Green LED Candles Sale priceFrom £14.50
Amber Glass Diffuser - Black Pomegranate
Hare Coaster - MustardHare Coaster - Mulberry
Hare Coaster Sale price£3.50
Highland Stag Coaster - MulberryHighland Stag Coaster - Mustard
Highland Stag Coaster Sale price£3.50
Highland Cow Coaster - MulberryHighland Cow Coaster - Blue Grey
Mulberry LED candles
Mulberry LED Candles Sale priceFrom £12.75
Highland Stag Greeting Card - ClaretHighland Stag Greeting Card - Charcoal
Highland Stag Card Sale price£2.50
Amber Glass Diffuser - Lavender Geranium YlangYlang
Swaledale Sheep Coaster - MulberrySwaledale Sheep Coaster - Sand
Swaledale Sheep Coaster Sale price£3.50
Highland Stag Placemat - MulberryHighland Stag Placemat - Blue Grey
Highland Stag Placemat Sale price£11.95
Hare Placemat - TealHare Placemat - Blue Grey
Hare Placemat Sale price£11.95
Pheasant Card - Colour Image - Indigo BackgroundPheasant Card - Colour Image - Claret Background
Amber Glass Diffuser - Lime, Basil and Mandarin
Pheasant Colour Coaster - MustardPheasant Colour Coaster - Mulberry
Highland Cow Placemat - MulberryHighland Cow Placemat - Charcoal
Highland Cow Cushion - Teal GreenHighland Cow Cushion - Mulberry
Shaggy Highland Cow Cushion Sale price£39.95
Highland Stag Cushion - OchreHighland Stag Cushion - Mulberry
Highland Stag Cushion Sale price£39.95
Highland Cow Tea Towel - OchreHighland Cow Tea Towel - Mulberry
Amber Glass Jar Candle - Black Pomegranate - Seddon and Davison
Little Owl Standing Coaster - MulberryLittle Owl Standing Coaster - Sand
Shaggy Highland Cow Greeting Card - CharcoalCow Cards - Shaggy Highland Cow Card
Amber Glass Votive Candle - Black Pomegranate - Seddon and Davison
Dusky Pink LED Candles
Dusky Pink LED Candles Sale priceFrom £14.50
Hare Tea TowelHare Tea Towel
Hare Tea Towel Sale price£12.00
Hare Chefs Pad for Aga Cooker - CharcoalHare Chefs Pad for Aga Cooker - Mulberry
Amber Glass 20cl Jar Candle - Lime, Basil and Mandarin - Seddon and Davison
Curlew Coaster - TealCurlew Coaster - Charcoal
Curlew Coaster Sale price£3.50
Red Squirrel Coaster - SandRed Squirrel Coaster - Mustard
Red Squirrel Coaster Sale price£3.50
Barn Owl Coaster - Blue GreyBarn Owl Coaster - Mulberry
Barn Owl Coaster Sale price£3.50
Hare Cushion - OchreHare Cushion - Teal Green
Hare Cushion Sale price£39.95
Little Owl Greeting Card - Little Owl on the FenceOwl Cards - Little Owl on Fence Card
Pale Blue LED candles
Dust Blue LED Candles Sale priceFrom £14.50
The Cocktail BibleThe Cocktail Bible - Technique and Method
Cocktail Bible Sale price£10.00
Pheasant Wash Bag (Colour) - MulberryPheasant Wash Bag (Colour) - Ochre
Highland Cow Chefs Pad for Aga Cooker - MulberryHighland Cow Chefs Pad for Aga Cooker - Ochre
Amber Glass 20cl Jar Candle - Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang - Seddon and Davison
Sheep Placemat - MustardSheep Placemat - Teal
Swaledale Sheep Placemat Sale price£11.95
Shaggy Highland Cow Wash Bag - BlackberryShaggy Highland Cow Wash Bag - Mulberry
Stag Tea Towel - MulberryHighland Stag Tea Towel - Blackberry
Highland Stag Tea Towel Sale price£12.00
Highland Cow Oven Gloves - Teal GreenHighland Cowl Oven Gloves - Blackberry
Hare Oven Gloves - OchreHare Oven Gloves - Pale Grey
Amber Glass Votive Candle - Lime, Basil and Mandarin - Seddon and Davison
Sold outTawny Owl Love Heart Card - ClaretTawny Owl Love Heart Card - Indigo
Sold outLittle Owl Peeking Card - Colour
Highland Stag Oven Gloves - Pale GreyHighland Stag Oven Gloves - Steel Blue