Kitchen and Dining

A selection of kitchen and dining accessories for the modern country and farmhouse style kitchen - from fine bone china mugs to glass jars and storage, to tea towels,  coasters and placemats.

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Highland Cow Mug - Fine Bone China - Teal
Highland Stag Mug - Fine Bone China - Claret
Swaledale Sheep Mug - Fine Bone China - White
Pheasant Fine Bone China Mug - Claret
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Little Owl Mug - Standing - White
Hare Fine Bone China Mug - Grey
Badger Mug  - Fine Bone China
Hare Mug - Fine Bone China Mug - Pale Blue
Highland Stag Peeking - Grey Fine Bone China Mug
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Stag in the Rain Mug - Fine Bone China Grey
Horse Fine Bone China Mug - Teal
Curlew Fine Bone China Mug
Little Owl Peeking Mug - Fine Bone China - White
Tawny owl Fine Bone China Mug - White
Barn Owl Mug - Fine Bone China
Stag Tea Towel - Mulberry
Pheasant Tea Towel - Colour - Blackberry
Little Owl Standing Tea Towel - Teal Green
Sea Eagle Tea Towel
Horse Tea Towel - Pale Grey
Curlew Tea Towel - Teal Green
Tawny Owl Tea Towel
Barn Owl Tea Towel
Hare Tea Towel
Pheasant Tea Towel - Ochre
Swaledale Sheep Tea Towel - Teal Green
Highland Cow Tea Towel - Ochre
Badger Tea Towel - Teal Green
Placemat - Little Owl Peeking  - Sand Grey
Shaggy Highland Cow Placemat - Claret
Highland Stag Placemat - Charcoal
Placemat - Little Owl Standing - Sand
Pheasant placemat - charcoal
Curlew placemat - charcoal
Hare placemat - teal
Swaledale Sheep Placemat - Claret
74 results