Kitchen and Dining

A selection of kitchen and dining accessories for the modern country and farmhouse style kitchen - from fine bone china mugs to glass jars and storage, to tea towels,  coasters and placemats.
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Highland Cow Mug - Fine Bone China - Teal
Highland Stag Mug - Fine Bone China - Claret
Swaledale Sheep Mug - Fine Bone China - White
Pheasant Fine Bone China Mug - Claret
Little Owl Mug - Standing - White
Hare Fine Bone China Mug - Grey
Badger Mug  - Fine Bone China
Hare Mug - Fine Bone China Mug - Pale Blue
Highland Stag Peeking - Grey Fine Bone China Mug
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Stag in the Rain Mug - Fine Bone China Grey
Horse Fine Bone China Mug - Teal
Curlew Fine Bone China Mug
Little Owl Peeking Mug - Fine Bone China - White
Tawny owl Fine Bone China Mug - White
Barn Owl Mug - Fine Bone China
Stag Tea Towel - Mulberry
Pheasant Tea Towel - Colour - Blackberry
Little Owl Standing Tea Towel - Dusky Pink
Little Owl Tea Towel
Sea Eagle Tea Towel
Horse Tea Towel - Pale Grey
Windswept Highland Cow Tea Towel
Curlew Tea Towel
Tawny Owl Tea Towel
Barn Owl Tea Towel
Hare Tea Towel
Pheasant Tea Towel
Swaledale Sheep Tea Towel
Highland Cow Tea Towel - Ochre
Badger Tea Towel - Teal Green
Placemat - Little Owl Peeking - Sand Grey
Shaggy Highland Cow Placemat - Claret
Highland Stag Placemat - Charcoal
Placemat - Little Owl Standing - Sand
Pheasant placemat - charcoal
Curlew placemat - charcoal
73 results