Wash Bags

Take a look at our range of stylish, contemporary wash bags - perfect for you or as as a a gift for someone that loves nature and wildlife  - or the British countryside.

We have lots of unique animal designs - featuring a shaggy highland cow, majestic highland stag, cheeky hare, horse, badger and pheasant - not to mention our lovely owl wash bags (barn owls, little owls, tawny owls and eagle owls). 


15 results
Shaggy Highland Cow Wash Bag - Blackberry
Hare Wash Bag - Teal Green
Highland Stag Wash Bag - Ochre
Swaledale Sheep Wash Bag - Indigo
Horse Wash Bag - Claret
Badger Wash Bag - Teal
Little Owl Cosmetic Bag
Eagle Owl Wash Bag
Highland Stag Wash bag - Monochrome
Tawny Owls Love Heart Wash Bag
Sea Eagle Wash Bag
Pheasant Wash Bag - Claret
Windswept Highland Cow Wash Bag - Indigo
Tawny Owl Wash Bag - Pale Grey
Barn Owl Wash Bag - Blackberry