Our Favourite Wildlife Collections

We have put together our wildlife homewares, gifts and accessories as different collections - hares, stags, cows, sheep, red squirrels, pheasants, owls and more. 

They are all together below, or within their own dedicated collection. Making it easy for you to pick from your favourite animal...


103 results
Highland Stag Cushion - Mulberry
Highland Cow Cushion - Teal Green
Hare Coaster - Mustard
Highland Stag Coaster - Charcoal
Pheasant Wash Bag (Colour) - Mulberry
Highland Stag Placemat - Charcoal
Hare Placemat - Teal
Stag Tea Towel - Mulberry
Hare Tea Towel
Hare Cushion - Ochre
Highland Cow Coaster - Mulberry
Highland Cow Tea Towel - Ochre
Highland Cow Placemat - Mulberry
Shaggy Highland Cow Wash Bag - Blackberry
Highland Stag Fine Bone China Mug - Pale Blue
Hare Wash Bag - Teal Green
Pheasant Tea Towel - Colour - Blackberry
Pheasant Placemat - Blue Grey
Little Owl Peeking Placemat - Blue Grey
Highland Stag Wash Bag - Ochre
Hare Fine Bone China Mug - Claret
Badger Wash Bag - Charcoal
Sheep Placemat - Mustard
Pheasant Cushion (Colour) - Blackberry
pheasant aga cover steel blue
Little Owl Standing Coaster - Mulberry
Little Owl Standing Placemat - Sand
Little Owl Peeking Coaster - White
Little Owl Peeking Fine Bone China Mug - Carmine
Horse Fine Bone China Mug - White
Pheasant Coaster - Charcoal
Badger Cushion - Mulberry
Curlew Coaster - Teal
Highland Stag Peeking Coaster - Black and White
Hare Coaster - Black and White
103 results