Aga Covers by Seddon and Davison

Our own range of chefs pad - perfect on your Aga Range cooker. 

The chefs pad are all British made and feature our hare, pheasant, badger, red squirrel, shaggy cow and highland stag designs on a striking range of background colours.

Choose from teal green, sage grey, blackberry, charcoal, mulberry, ochre or steel blue for your hob cover. 

8 results
Highland Stag Chefs Pad - Teal Green
Highland Cow Chefs Pad
Hare Chefs Pad - CHARCOAL
Badger Hob Cover - Mulberry (Aga Cover)
Pheasant Chefs Pad
pheasant aga cover steel blue
Sheep aga cover teal green
Red squirrel chefs pad for aga - blackberry