Wash Bags by Seddon and Davison

A beautiful collection of wash bags (or for your make up, knitting, bits and bobs..) - featuring a range of your most favourite wildlife animals. 

Striking, high quality and British made - with a range of gorgeous background colours including teal green, vibrant ochre, rich mulberry and steel blue.

15 results
Shaggy Highland Cow Wash Bag - Blackberry
Hare Wash Bag - Teal Green
Highland Stag Wash Bag - Ochre
Swaledale Sheep Wash Bag - Mulberry
Horse Wash Bag - Dusky Pink
Badger Wash Bag - Charcoal
Pheasant Wash Bag (Colour) - Mulberry
Little owl standing wash bag  teal green
Red Squirrel Wash Bag - Charcoal
Sea Eagle Wash Bag - Ochre
Barn Owl Wash Bag Teal Green
Pheasant Wash Bag (Black and White) - Blackberry
Tawny Owl Wash Bag - Pale Grey
Eagle Owl Wash Bag
Highland Stag Wash bag - Monochrome