Dust Blue LED Candles


Fabulously realistic LED candles - so popular in our shop we have now added these to the website too. These are a soft, pale blue colour.

Dinner Candles (pair): 24cm height.

Extra Small Pillar Candle: Diameter: 7.5cm and Height: 10cm.

Small Pillar Candle:  Diameter: 7.5cm and Height: 12.5cm

Medium Pillar Candle: Diameter: 10cm and Height:  15cm

Large Pillar Candle: Diameter: 15cm and Height: 20cm

Jumbo Tea Lights (pair): Diameter: 6.1cm and Height: 4.5cm

The dinner candles require 2 x AAA batteries each (300 hours) and the pillar candles require either two or three AA batteries depending on size (400 hours). The jumbo tea lights take 2 x AAA batteries each (200 hours battery life).

We also have remote controls available too.