Siabann Skin Candle


A luxurious combination of oils and butters that are specially blended to nourish & rejuvenate your skin.

Siabann's skin candles are hand blended and hand poured.

They are made from a unique blend of 100% natural oils, butters and waxes. You burn the candle until you have a little pool of warm oil, that you can use straight onto your skin.

The warm oils are perfect for a massage, to treat dry skin or just to moisturise skin that needs a treat.

We now stock all 5 of Siabann's fragrances: lavender and geranium; sloe gin; champagne; juniper and lime; and chamomile and orange.

They come in a recyclable aluminium tin, so this 50g size can travel with you.

They never get warmer than body temperature. You will be hooked!


Soy Wax, Raspberry seed oil, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Thistle oil, Sweet Almond oil, Cocoa Butter. 

Essential Oils