St. Eval Scented Tin Candle - Bay and Rosemary

Happiness is the invigorating, fresh fragrance of Bay & Rosemary in a scented tin candle. St. Eval's all time best seller is Inspired by flowers and herbs found in an English country garden.
Bay & Rosemary is a green herbal fragrance which uplifts and rejuvenates. The St. Eval tin candles make a perfect gift for loved ones or add to your home for a refreshing fragrance.

Bay & Rosemary scented tin candle is a refreshing blend of cool bay leaf and herbal rosemary. The tin candle creates a warm glow of light which uplifts and brightens any living space. Enjoy a lovely burn time of up to 45 hours.

Shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2022

  • Burn Time: up to 45 hours
  • Size: 7.6cm x 7.6cm
  • Fragrance: Bay & Rosemary
  • Fragrance Description: An invigorating combination of herbal rosemary and cool bay leaf.
  • Pack Size: 1 per pack