St. Eval Scented Tealights - Tranquility


Tranquillity Scented Tealights, one of our most popular products - we just love them. Tranquillity as the name suggests is a relaxing blend of lavender, orange & ylang ylang. 

The tealights are poured at St. Eval's factory nestled on the North Coast of Cornwall.

Enjoy a twinkling burn time of up to 6 hours per tealight.

St. Eval's tealights now have recyclable kraft tealight packaging - to further support their sustainability ethos by being 100% recyclable and great for easy storage too

Burn Time: up to 6 hours

Size: 38mm x 15mm

Fragrance Description: A relaxing blend of lavender, orange & ylang ylang.

Pack Size: Tray of 9 per pack