Owl Cards - Tawny Owl Card


We hope you like this addition to our collection of owl cards - the lovely tawny owl in black and white on an indigo, dusk green or lilac background.

The tawny owl is nocturnal so it is often heard calling at night, but much less often seen in the daytime. This owl is typically found in mixed woodland, but also large urban parks and even suburban gardens. A monogamous bird that usually stays in the same territory, the well known twit-twoo is combination of the female call, described as a "kewick" sound and the male's response - a long, wavering hoot.

15cm x 15cm card

Blank inside so perfect for any occasion - as a birthday card, thank you card, anniversary card or just to say hello. 

Printed on 300gsm quality board from sustainable forests

Brown kraft envelope

Proudly made in the UK